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Master Kush is the strain that came from southern Amsterdam and was originally called High Rise. This strain, primarily Indica, became very popular as a special tetraploid strain in coffee shops there.
The majority of strains of cannabis are diploid. We have 2 chromosome sets, one per cell parent. Four times more haploid chromosomes are formed by tetraploid strains and 8. Over the years, the strain received several awards. Two years, once in 1992, and again in 1993, he won The Cannabis Cup, known as the Superbowl of Marijuana. Also for nobody but Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog) the strain of choice. Master Kush produces a euphoria that can hold users blissful and heavy, but not overwhelming. More experienced users show increased creativity and curiosity. You can buy MASTER KUSH online and get MASTER KUSH for sale online. If Master Kush is smoked, the normal dry eyes and mouth can be negative. Most of the patients experience dizziness , nausea, and higher levels of anxiety, even whether Master Kush is edible.

Apparence, Taste, Flavour:

Master Kush is incredible, with compact green leaves and short stems with orange pistils, frozen with white sticky trichomes; it is an wonder to see for any amateur of marijuana. The buds are light green and very dense, which emit a smooth must smell. Master Kush has also been known to have a 'vintage' smell, but it has a rather earthy fragrance with sweet and aromatic notes like incense. The fragrance is powerful and the scent of citrus can occur when the buds are broken up. Master Kush 's taste is a pleasure to see and transform your eyes and make your senses wild for a rich, pine-like fragrance lingering in lemon and delicate oak. Not too overweight, an ideal choice for those who choose to get a tougher flower.

Medical Benefits :

One of Master Kush 's qualities we enjoy most is his ability to encourage imagination and so is suitable for detailed, insightful discussions and creative loves. This mental relaxation makes Master
Kush so famous for those who deal with anxiety and stress Users indicated that Master Kush provides powerful but not overwhelming indica effects, typically a peaceful fog of rest and a noticeable physical impact that is perfect for a night's sleep. Master Kush  is a sweet relief to those who fight to get to sleep due to an underlying condition or insomnia.

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